open badges

Keep your Skills Together with Open Badges

Now what is one thing that we have all had to do at one point or another in our lives? We have all had to fill out a resume, make ourselves sound amazing and present ourselves and the skills we can provide. In each resume there are always a few sections that we loath as a whole filling out, things like your skills, previous experience and past learning and education. Sometimes we need to go back and do a little research to get things like dates, the names of organizations and overall it proves a bit of a hassle. Well with open badges we find that it is going to start getting a lot easier.

Open badges are an online way for you to keep track and to store all of your personal achievements and past activities, certifications and education and any skills you might have picked up along the way. It brings all of these together in one online place where you can keep it and post it where you need it to, be it a social network or an online job posting site. Potential employers will be able to see it all put together in one location for them and it will keep them the trouble of going back to each source individually.

This open and free software, provided by Mozilla is the perfect tool for any job seeking individual who wants to stand out from the crowd with a quick and streamlined way to display what skills and background you bring to the table.