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The Filabot Turns Scrap Plastic Into 3D Printing Filament

3D printing has been all over the news for some time now, and it seems like every other day this rapidly developing technology is changing the world. Creating print-to-fit prosthetic limbs for a fraction of the price of previous models? Check. Building pre-fabricated homes in an extremely short period of time, and with an affordable price tag? Check. Use 3D printers to recycle the huge amounts of plastic waste we produce?

We might have a check on that, too.

The Filabot: Combining Recycling With 3D Printing

The way 3D printing works is fairly simple. You put a 3D image into your computer, and the computer sends that image to the printer. The printer will then build that image one layer at a time, using plastic filament instead of ink. When the printer is finished, you have a 3D replica of the image that was in the computer.

The idea of being able to use recycled plastic to make that filament, and thus to remove a huge amount of waste from landfills, is an appealing idea. It's why the Filabot was invented. This device allows users to take certain types of plastic, chop it up, and turn it into usable filament. Whether you want to use PET plastic, nylon 101, or polypropylene, the Filabot can take that plastic waste and turn it into something useful again.

Save Money, and Save The Planet

As 3D printing becomes more and more prevalent it's likely that the Filabot, and devices like it, will also grow in popularity. The ability to recycle your plastic at home, without any kind of middleman, is an appealing one. If you can turn that plastic into ornaments, toys, or even spare parts, then so much the better!

Lego bracket for Thunderbolt monitor

It's a silly little thing, but I figured I should share.

I thought it'd be fun to add a Lego piece to the top of my monitor at work. It's an Apple Thunderbolt display, which has lots of room along the top.

Here's what the design looks like in OpenSCAD. I colored the "Lego" bits green to make them easier to see, but it's all one piece.

OpenSCAD design of Lego monitor bracket

OpenSCAD design of Lego monitor bracket

And the final result, with Biznis Kitty, is here:

Biznis Kitty hanging out on my monitor.

Biznis Kitty hanging out on my monitor.

If you want to print your own, the file to make it is on Thingiverse.