Add FontAwesome icons to Übersicht widgets

Übersicht is a tool that can run small scripts ("widgets") and put the results on your desktop. It's a terrific way to keep pieces of information quickly accessible.

This does for me, among other things, give me information on my triage work as well as some basic network info on my desktop:

I like, however, to use FontAwesome icons in these displays. FontAwesome is clean, crisp, and contributes to a good overall look with all of the widgets using the same style.

Übersicht doesn't support FontAwesome by default though. To enable it we have to create a fake widget that doesn't actually display anything.

This file can just be put into the widgets directory and it'll enable FontAwesome for all of your widgets:

With that in there, you can use FontAwesome in your results in any of your scripts. You can check out my worklist or network widget to see how I use them as examples.