Lego Seattle mosaic for the office

A Lego mosaic of Seattle I put together for my office. It's 60"x30", which made transporting it here to the office a bit tricky since it wouldn't fit in the car. I overlaid a drawings of the skyline, mountain, and the Space Needle and then converted that into Lego dimensions.

To create a little texture (hard to see in pictures), the white level is one plate high, then the mountain is two plates high, and the Needle and skyline are all a full brick (three plates) high. It's not obvious when you look at it, but I like the slight depth it creates. 

Lego bracket for Thunderbolt monitor

It's a silly little thing, but I figured I should share.

I thought it'd be fun to add a Lego piece to the top of my monitor at work. It's an Apple Thunderbolt display, which has lots of room along the top.

Here's what the design looks like in OpenSCAD. I colored the "Lego" bits green to make them easier to see, but it's all one piece.

OpenSCAD design of Lego monitor bracket

OpenSCAD design of Lego monitor bracket

And the final result, with Biznis Kitty, is here:

Biznis Kitty hanging out on my monitor.

Biznis Kitty hanging out on my monitor.

If you want to print your own, the file to make it is on Thingiverse.