Princes of the Universe Bad Ass Character Creation Survey of Awesome Immortality

In advance of this year's GeekEnd I would like to give everyone an opportunity to customize their own Prince of the Universe before the begin of the Competition. In case you haven't already seen my announcement I am running a game called Princes of the Universe, which is a take on the classic 80's film Highlander (and just that first film, lets all collectively agree that the sequels and tv series need not have existed). Each of you will play an Immortal Sword Wielding Bad Ass who has been entered into The Competition. The Prize: the right to claim the Throne of Comfort, a supernatural condition that allows you to subconsciously influence and guide the fate of man and the universe. 10 Immortals will gather to fight for the prize but ONLY ONE CAN CLAIM THE THRONE!

This survey will help me, help you create the ultimate Immortal, one that is dark, sexy, fearsome and super deep. Providing me with answers will allow you to customize your GeekEnd experience and grant you in game Grandeur bonuses during The Competition. For each question you answer another section of your saga is recorded into the annals of Immortal lore. Write down as much as your mind can conjure or as little as you can stomach while watching Netflix videos. Keep in mind: more is more. The more you write, the higher your Grandeur Rank will be. If you’re not into writing passionate extemporaneous soliloquies about your unending unseen influence on the world so be it. Not filling out the survey will ensure that I make your character for you in advance and you get no in game Grandeur bonuses. What does Grandeur do for you and why is it work writing epic poems about? You will just have to wait until GeekEnd to see. Answer the questions you want to answer. The more detail you provide the more awesome your Immortal persona will be.

Got it?


Lets begin Immortalizing Yourself!

When did your character first realize he was an Immortal? I want you to provide me with the date they first died (pick any date before the year 1986 or roll three 10 sided dice, arrange the results in any order you which and add a 1 in the thousands column or don't ), how they died and what tragic story surrounds your death and resurrection. The more grandiose and entertaining the story the better it will be for you. This is your Immortal origin so try to be epic. No ones wants to be that Immortal that died of dysentery.
Dying is a bitch, we all know it. Learning you can't must be super awesome or really shitty. How did your character handle it? How did becoming an Immortal change his outlook on life? How does he handle Immortality in the long term? How does he like being Immortal now ('now' meaning in the 1980s)?
Your character is ageless and awesome. He can travel the world and see shit no one else can or has ever seen before. He is likely the stuff of legend. Maybe he is an Egyptian Spaniard with a Scottish accent for some reason. No one knows better than you. Pick at least three places your character has lived in besides the place he were born and the place he died in. For good measure slap a date of generally when he were there so I have a frame of reference... historically. Bonus Grandeur for choosing historical places that don't exist anymore in modern times and being annoyed about it in character.

Similar to the last question... your Immortal has lived many lives. Lives filled with danger and drama. He should have rubbed elbows with the coolest of mortal men and women. Pick at least three known historical figures that your Immortal have crossed paths with and the nature of their relationship. Did he teach Genghis Khan how to ride a horse? Was he drinking buddies with Shakespeare? Did he sleep with Marilyn Monroe? Was he mistakenly by mortals as that Jesus of Nazareth dude? Bonus Grandeur for choosing obscure but easily recognizable historical figures and explaining why your are secretly responsible for what they are most famous for. If two or more Immortals pick the same historical figure(s) to influence, so be it. That poor mortal.
It is a given you have lived through some historically epic shit. Wars, plagues, world changing discoveries, biblical stuff? Tell me about one such event and how your Immortality and awesome presence shaped that event. Where was your Immortal when something truly bad ass happened? What memorable moment did he witness first hand? Maybe it happened in one of those places you visited or to people you knew during that time you just told me about in Question 3 or 4. Maybe this is a new place. You decide. If you find an famous historical event on Wikipedia that no one at the retreat knows about and incorporate it with style I will give you extra bonus.
Inserting yourself into historical events tends to upset both mortals and Immortals alike. Reference your answer to Question 5 and tell me how your presence there got you in trouble and with whom. Was it another PC? If so, name any other player. Was it another Immortal not played by a player? How did that end? Was it a major mortal historical figure? What did you do about it? Is it still haunting you to this day?
All Immortals are full of smoldering angst. Describe what haunts you emotionally, physically, or philosophically. What makes your Immortal really brood? Have you lost a true love? Was your Immortal mentor murdered by another Immortal that has hunted you since the time of your first death? Have you always wanted kids and are bummed that Immortals are sterile? Does the steady decline of Western Civilization really bum you out? Do you miss the days when owning people was cool? All of the above? What’s the ultimately wistful tale that gets you laid when you tell it to strangers? (It better not be the 'I dug having slaves' one)
There are not many Immortals active in the world at any given time and all of them can find one another with little effort. The odds that another Immortal was present to witness your lowest moment are pretty good. Name another player. Their Immortal knows about and had some part of your Personal Tradedy. Tell me which player and how their PC was involved in the events you discribed in Question 6a.
What makes you unique among the Immortals? What do other Immortals say about you behind your back? Is he whispered to be the strongest of your kind? Are he the oldest or the first? Maybe he is the wisest of the wise. Is your Immortal the guy that is constantly being mistaken for a God? Perhaps he just has the best hair in the world. What is your Immortal most known for among your own kind? Your character’s rep can get you into and out of fights, earn you allies or enemies or get you laid, so make sure it is crazy bad ass.
This is where you get to tell me, the GM, what your character is truly like on the inside. What motivates your Immortal? What are his hidden passions, his ambitions, his ideal? Is he good or is he evil? Does he even believe is such behavioral concepts? What will you dramatically reveal about your character only in soliloquy just before his head is severed from his body? If this is the same as your answers to questions 6 or 7 you are doing it wrong and will be docked Grandeur. If you answer "I am a Mystery." then I applaud your dark, sexy gravitas but will also dock you Grandeur.
At the conclusion of The Competition only one Immortal will remain alive to claim the Throne and become the secret King of the Universe. That power, should it be claimed by your character will make him literally the most influential being in all reality. All mortal men and women will subconsciously bend to his will. His wants become their desires. His ambitions become their dreams. His prejudices become their darkest influences. To some extent even reality itself bends to the whim of He Who Claimed the Throne. If your character wins what is his plan for the world. How will history play out from 1986 if he assumes the Throne? Will he bring about a time of peace or one of war? Will he be responsible for the rise of the cellphone or of terrorism or both? Will he bring about WWIII, Y2K, Global Warming or will he ensure they never threaten the future at all? What mark will he leave on the Universe? Please explain at least one specific thing they will accomplish on the Throne.
Now you know a little bit about yourself... time to think of a name. Now if you want to get technical 'your character's name' refers to what other Immortals call you. It might be a title that references your origin like Kurgan. It might be a nickname that references places your character has been or historical events you've participated in like The Highlander. It might be a birth name like Kastigir or a name your character goes by now like Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez. If you get stuck, here’s some awesome on loan: Google “dubstep songs,” pick any title. That will give you an amazing mysterious Immortal name. Or if you yearn for historically accuracy, Google “renfaire names” and mash up any two.
It has to be a rock song from the seventies or eighties and it needs to embody the core ideals of the awesome power of your Immortal personality. It can be any song as long as it fits within those two criteria. Bonus Grandeur for a Queen song. If you pick Fat Bottoms Girls by Queen it better be the anthem for your bad ass Immortal's purpose in life and that purpose better be bedding sexy chubby ladies.
#1 being the best and #5 being the least important thing to your character. Mind you 'least important' to an Immortal generally still encompasses more training, knowledge and experience than most mortals can muster about anything.

Question 12a. First Choice:
Question 12a. Second Choice:
Question 12a. Third Choice:
Question 12a. Fourth Choice:
Question 12a. Fifth Choice:
The obsessive focus of an Immortal lifetime can make mortal interest in a subject pale in comparison and can encompass such a diverse range or focused intensity that two Immortals that pursue an interest, such as Ancient Memories, will likely specialize in wildly different subjects. Pick a specialty for your ranked #1 and #2 interest. It can be as broad or as specific as you'd like it to be. You care considered to be the world's foremost living expert on the subject. For example, if the most important thing to your Immortal is Awesome Swords then perhaps their specialty is Ancient and Impossibly Forged Japanese Katanas. If Raging Passions is #2 then may I suggest Sleeping with Fat Bottomed Girls Throughout History as a specialty. Whatever you chose make sure it is awesome and bad ass. No one wants to play the Immortal expert on The Historical Importance of Royal Topiaries.

Question 12b. First Choice:
Question 12b. Second Choice:
Question 13a. What do you look like?
Select as many of the following options that apply to your Immortal's current appearance.
Please, describe to me, your GM, how the choices from Question 13a come together into your own personal style. Do your Immortal look like anyone I would know? Who would play him in a movie?
What does your jaded world weary Immortal truly care about? I want you to think about that anchors your Immortal to their life in the Modern Day. It could be a living mortal person they care about. It could be a heirloom they keep close that reminds them of their Origin Story, Personal Tragedy or Inner Deal. It could be a really expensive, one of a kind thing thing. It could be a secret place sacred to your Immortal.It could even be a moral code your Immortal has pledged to live by. Choose three such anchors and describe what they are and why they are important to your Immortal. These are your Trophies. When Immortals fight it is never without consequence. If your Immortal ever looses a fight with another of his kind and escapes with his head intact he forfeits a Trophy. This strengthens the victor and inspires the loser to seek revenge to recover his lost keepsake.

When an Immortal's head is removed from his body he dies for real a final death that threatens to rip about the very fabric of the world around him. All manner of unnatural phenomena could accompany the permanent death of an Immortal. Select three of the following options that apply to your Immortal's death throws. At least one effect should happen to or center around your corpse. One effect should probably involve or alter the surrounding location in some way. And one effect should overwhelm the terrible Immortal bastard that cut off your head and is absorbing what is left of your soul.

Question 15: Involve or alter the surrounding location:
Question 15: Overwhelm the terrible Immortal bastard:
Question 15: Your corpse: