I'm Michael Knowles, a DevOps engineer and IT specialist, and possess a depth and breadth of knowledge that spans a range of industries. As a result of my years of experience, I've evolved with one core goal in mind -- to shift the companies I work with from their reliance on physical structures, such as servers, and transition them to the cloud-based systems that are the cutting edge of the industry. While I acknowledge that servers do indeed have a place within the structure of IT, in almost all instances a solution that is based in the cloud is what a company should aim for as an end goal. Only this type of innovation is going to catapult a business from its current situation of being at the mercy of metal servers that are cumbersome and difficult to fix and scale to a solution that is both highly relevant and seamless. Instead, a businesses should fully embrace the use of these and other great open source systems because it is leaner, streamlined and able to increase productivity from early in the adoption process. 

Based in the Seattle area, I'm ready to lead forward-thinking companies to new heights of security and increased capacity without being at the mercy of things beyond their control. Server malfunctions and data loss due to neglected testing in the course of a busy day are just two examples of the issues that a typical IT department is faced with on a regular basis. In order to avoid these instances, I look for those companies that are ready to take the leap from the antiquated server system to the seamless cloud-based technology that has experts within their particular fields at the ready to provide help and support. These businesses no longer have to rely on an in-house IT department that is poorly suited to the task of staying updated on the latest trend or occurrence in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Instead, the in-house team can be constantly looking forward into how to leverage technology to best advantage the company, its resources, and other employees.

Rather than relying on the IT department of the past, I advocate taking the next logical step and making it the managers of that technology. Invest in your employees by ensuring that they attend -- and speak at! -- relevant IT conferences and trainings so they can bring that knowledge back to your own company. Doing so ensures that your employees are able to support your company as it moves toward the cloud-based computing and IT that is the future. 


Michael Knowles